Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables: 2012 - 2016


*PP = deliverable is not for public dissemination. If you would like information regarding this deliverable, please contact the relevant CENDARI team member.

Project Deliverables 2012-2016

Deliverable  Lead Institution Abstract PDF
D2.1 Communications Launch Trinity College Dublin
Contact: Jennifer Edmond
D2.2 Dissemination Strategy Trinity College Dublin  abstract PP*
D2.4 Business plan Trinity College Dublin   pdf
D3.1 Training module release University of Birmingham
Contact: Jonathan Gumz
D3.2 Access outcomes report University of Birmingham   pdf
D4.1 Report on archival research practice University of Birmingham   pdf
D4.2 Domain Use Cases University of Birmingham   pdf
D4.3 Expert Seminar proceedings University of Birmingham   pdf
D4.4 Report on Digital Methodologies University of Birmingham   pdf
D5.1 Archive Directory Freie Universität Berlin
Contact: Oliver Janz
D5.2 Archival Research Guides Freie Universität Berlin   webpage
D6.1 Common Metadata Schema King’s College London
Contact: Sheila Anderson
D6.2 Guidelines for applying the schema King’s College London   pdf
D6.3 Guidelines for Ontology Building King’s College London   pdf
D6.4 Published Ontologies King’s College London    
D7.1 Archival Description Toolkit (first stable release)

Institute for Mathematics, Belgrade
Contact: Natasa Bulatovic

(abstract) PP*
D7.2 Data integration toolkit and repository (first stable release) Institute for Mathematics, Belgrade (abstract) PP*
D7.3 Ontology toolkit (first stable release) Institute for Mathematics, Belgrade (abstract) PP*
D7.4 Final releases of toolkits Institute for Mathematics, Belgrade   pdf
D8.1 Functional Description, portal and VRE University of Göttingen
Contact: Daniel Kurzawe
(abstract) PP*
D8.2 Functional Description: visualisation University of Göttingen (abstract) PP*
D8.3 Architecture description (portal, VRE, visualisation) University of Göttingen (abstract) PP*
D8.4 Model for representing provenance of transformation and integration processes University of Göttingen (abstract) PP*
D8.5 Documentation of tools University of Göttingen   pdf
D9.1 Prototype for search and facetted search tools Institut national de recherche en informatique
Contact: Laurent Romary
(abstract) PP*
D9.2 Full Release Portal/VRE Institut national de recherche en informatique   pdf
D9.3 Overview of Current Use at Partner Archives Institut national de recherche en informatique   pdf
D10.1 Delivery of Transnational Access Trinity College Dublin, Czech National Library, University of Stuttgart, King’s College London, The European Library   webpage

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