Publicly Available Thematic Research Guides

The research guides allow for virtual access to relevant historical material across national and institutional borders, drawing together information on dispersed and relocated material that belongs to the same historical context. The guides present primary sources from different geographic areas and countries, in a variety of languages.

Publicly Available Research Guides

Selected Guides are also available to download in PDF format


First World War (scroll down for Medieval Culture)

Prisoners of War and their Return Home (Pavlina Bobič)

Coercion and Consent in the Belligerent Armies (Pavlina Bobič)

Injury and Disease (Pavlina Bobič)

Workers and Workers’ Movements during the First World War (Jakub Beneš) (download PDF)

Private Memories of the First World War (Francesca Morselli)

Women During the First World War (Francesca Morselli, Jörg Lehmann) (watch video)

The Fall of the House of Romanov (Anna Bohn)

National Narratives of the First World War – Memory and Commemoration (Aleksandra Pawliczek) (download PDF)

Parallel Records and Supplementary Material – Poland (Aleksandra Pawliczek)

Jews of Eastern Europe in the period 1914–1921 (Andrei Zamoiski)

Industrial Development during the First World War (Francesca Morselli)

On the ruins of the Russian Empire: Establishment of New States in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, 1917-1921 (Andrei Zamoiski)

The Reconstruction of Post-Habsburg East Central Europe, 1918-1921 (Jakub Beneš) (download PDF)

Science and Technology in the First World War (Jörg Lehmann, Francesca Morselli)

Islamic Movements in the Russian Empire during and after the First World War (Andrei Zamoiski) (download PDF)

Methodological Guide on Sources in the Archival Directory (Kathleen Walker-Meikle, Jörg Lehmann, Francesca Morselli, Lorenza Tromboni, Andrei Zamoiski) (download PDF)


Medieval Culture

Italian Books of Poetry (Irene Tani) (download PDF)

Italian Vernacular Bibles (XIIIth-XVth c.) (Caterina Menichetti)

Medieval Miscellanies – Homiliaries (Lidia Buono, Eugenia Russo) (download PDF)

Dominican Lectores in Florence during the 14th century (Lorenza Tromboni) (download PDF)

Medieval Preaching (Zdeněk Uhlíř, Martin Hlouch)

Dispersed Medieval Monastic Archives in Florence (18th-19th c.) (Roberta Giacomi, Vinicio Serafini)

Medieval Collections of Saints Lives (Silvia Nocentini) (download PDF)

Science in Medieval Central European Sources (Tomáš Klimek, Miroslava Hejnová, Tomislav Kolar)

Transcribing Medieval Manuscripts and Archival Material (Kathleen Walker-Meikle) (download PDF)



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